The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. (Lao Tzu)

The same is true for us... And this project is our first step on our journey. Our journey to create, to draw, to write, to design and to share... To share our wonderfully flourishing fantasy world with you. We welcome you.

This is the story of Cherry. A story of travelling, discovering, of self-realizing, of criticising, and of changing. A story of change... A change that perhaps we would like to see in our world as well?

In order to keep writing this story, my personal journey will take me to many places around the world, that will inspire me to reflect and write more and more, and for sure, elements will melt into the fantasy story, - melting reality and fiction, - and they will create this beautiful piece of art. (Read more about the author, Caroline)

It is at our hearts to bring these creative ideas to everyone, to share this beautiful, colourful adventure with you, and this is why this website was created. (Read more about the designer, Chio) It is our first step towards you. Designing a creative interface to show you at least a glimpse of the journey, of the drawings, writings, the laughter and the tears that went into this story, - and this might inspire you to start your own.

It is worth it.